We offer South Florida clients a wide variety of services, from local pick-up and handling to export sales and loading of ocean containers. Equipment is generally packed on shrink-wrapped pallets ready to be loaded at our dock-height facility.

Our services include:

Florida-Wide B2B Service

Our B2B Florida-wide recovery and recycling service offers clients an economical way to recycle and dispose of electronics while meeting the most rigorous compliance standards.

We pick up pallets of obsolete electronics from anywhere in Florida at minimal cost that includes transport and recycling.

A pallet should not exceed the following dimension and weight: L48” x W48” x H54” and have a maximum weight of 2,400 lbs. Pallet should be tightly packed and shrink-wrapped for safe transport. Once pallet(s) is/are ready for pick-up, call toll-free 1-800 451 2204 or e-mail:

On-Site Pickup

Our trained crews will pick up on-site; equipment is then trucked to our facility, where items are identified, sorted and weighed. Get pick-up and handling information and rates here.

Refurbish and Reuse

Equipment still holding a commercial residual value are thoroughly tested; computers or laptops have their HDD wiped, cleaned and made available for local and export sales. We supply freight forwarding agents with all pertinent export documentation for either ocean or airfreight shipments, i.e. shipping instructions, packing lists and invoices.
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On-Site Removal

Our crew will remove equipment from your workplace — from disconnect "on desk" to safe removal. This service is generally recommended with our IT Asset Management program.

E-Waste Inventory Management

Detailed inventory is issued upon request and an integral part of our Asset Recovery Program.
Click here for E-waste details.

Data Destruction

Our secure corporate data destruction service, in conformance with NIST800-88, uses one of two systems, at client's election:

  • Hard disk drive (HDD) data wipe with a CSC Ultra Performance Drive Duplicator, or
  • Ultimate HDD destruction with our CR5818 Mark. I Sledge Hammer portable system, punches right through and totally destroys the drive, click for video.
  • Tape degaussing, on or off site, also available, scrambling all data and making them unretrievable.

In any of above processes above, data can never be recovered. Portability of the CR5818 allows on site destruction, under client's supervision, to meet HIPAA and other federal and/or state laws and rules governing confidentiality. A Certificate of Destruction (or Sanitization) is issued for each HDD load.