Our Corporate Environmental Policy

E-Scrap is committed to providing recycling services for obsolete electronics that reflect our responsibility for a cleaner, healthier environment. The nature of our business reduces the environmental impact associated with electronic waste, as well as spent fluorescent lamps, batteries and mercury bearing devices. Moreover, we are committed to an Environmental Management System that conforms to both Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Florida Department of Environmental Protection agency (FDEP) requirements, as well as industry national recommendations and guidelines. We also believe that protection of the environment is compatible with sound business practices; and as such we will:

  • Meet or surpass requirements of applicable federal, state and/or county environmental law and regulations and other requirements related to environmental aspects
  • Require strict adherence to environmental laws, regulations as well as corporate policies and procedures by our employees and service providers working on our behalf
  • Require that our employees receive adequate and appropriate training
  • Require that service providers working on our behalf are competent and abide by E-Scrap policies and procedures
  • Continuously improve our operations and management systems to ensure the ongoing integrity of our Environment Policy by:
    • Maintaining constructive dialogue with regulatory and governmental agencies, customers and stakeholders to identify and respond to relevant emerging environmental issues
    • Establish and implement appropriate environmental performance goals to improve the process and safety of our operations.
    • Make our Environmental Policy available to the public, and communicate our Policy to employees and those working for or on behalf of E-Scrap.
    • Prevent pollution through the integration of environmental considerations into our planning and decision-making processes, avoid unnecessary generation of waste, and work to reduce and prevent pollution.

Certificate of Recycling 

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