E-Waste Inventory Management

We offer a detailed accounting of e-waste disposal. Inventory reports include brand name, model, year and serial number of each piece of equipment recycled for our client's records and referenced in our Certificate of Recycling.

Disposal of televisions, computers and other electronics have increased exponentially in the last several years. The cathode ray tubes (CRTs) in computer monitors and televisions are the most problematic disposal components of these electronics. CRTs have a high lead content which is hazardous to the environment. Proper, safe disposal is essential to protect our environment and the South Florida aquifer.

Recycling and disposal cover a large number of equipment that are dismantled and parts broken in house, baled or packed for shipment in conformance with DOT rules to downstream licensed recyclers specialized in metals, plastics or other material, that once processed are re-introduced into the industrial manufacturing stream for production of common consumables. 

Recycled equipment are, but not limited to: mainframe and desktop computers, PDAs, CRT and LCD-monitors, tablets, notebooks, any peripheral, desktop and self standing copiers and printers, LCD and CRT-televisions, fax, hubs, network systems, electrical and electronic cables, UPS large and small, remote controls and electronic games, telecommunication systems, VCR and DVDs, sound systems, industrial, testing and scientific electronic equipment, transformers, mechanical and aircraft parts; any and all electronics, components and parts, whether self standing or hand held; in doubt?, please call or e-mail , we are here to help.

Download more information on e-waste here.